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The service was developed for its distribution of supermarkets and locally grown items, as well as items that consumers see in supermarkets daily. 

Online Market Order

Online shopping has become common in every platform in recent years. Now people can buy anything online. These include clothing, electronics, furniture, toilet paper and even food. With the package order system we have developed, we offer an order taking system to small and medium-sized enterprises so that they can run their business smoothly. Thanks to this application, you can serve your market customers online and deliver their orders at the door. You can deliver anywhere in the same city and offer services from different warehouses. Contact us by filling out the form presented below and we will provide an innovative solution that fits all your delivery needs. If you run a market, restaurants, cafe and need an e-Commerce platform, this system is for you.

Our advantages
★ Easy online grocery shopping
★ Daily promotions, deals and coupons
★ Special promotion on your first order
★ Door delivery and tracking system
★ Contactless payment


The Safest Way of Supermarket Order

For many of us, grocery shopping is when we will come into contact with the highest number of people during the pandemic. The more people we encounter, the higher the risk of virus transmission. So, how do we keep safe when going to the shops?

Stay home if you can

Our app helps your costumers stay home. Your costumers don’t have to go to the shops often – and they opt for home delivery if possible. 

Our References

General features

IOS and Android Mobile Application

Payment System Integration

Advanced Basket System

Detailed Order Management

Real-Time Courier Tracking

Notification Integration

Digital and Physical Marketing Service

Call Center Service

Api Support

Admin Interface

E-Commerce Website

Stock Control Management

Promotion Transactions

Virtual Office Package Support

Supply chain management

Courier Scoring and Tipping

Virtual Reality Store Service

Integrated Point of Sale System

The whole system that a supermarket needs are here. Thanks to the web application, you can take orders in the mobile environment. You can send the orders to the home. You can collect from the cash desk. You may not recognize special discounts for the customer you have registered and you can send an e-mail from the system. You can watch the whole supermarket process remotely. You can provide a fast service to your customers by invoicing instantly. Thanks to the stock tracking presented in the system, you can track your product stocks and control the transfer of goods between your warehouses, input and output quantities.

We follow your staff. We record the input and output hours of the personnel in the system presented and report them. We compare and evaluate your staff according to their work rates and the orders they receive.

How long will it take to develop a special package order App for you?

The development time of the package order application depends on the complexity of the application and your needs. While an application with all advanced features takes up to 3 weeks to prepare and launch, a simple application can be created and commissioned within 1 week. The more features and functions you want to add, the more development time will increase.

How do Pake Order apps save money?

The package order application developed specifically for you makes money through different monetization strategies such as advertising, in-app purchases and free models. While offering an innovative solution to your customers, you can reach different customer groups and follow them and expand your customer network.

How does takeaway order application work?

The system specially developed for you allows customers to order market needs online. In the application, customers can create a list of required products, define the quantity for each product, and see how many minutes the grocery products will be delivered to their door. Customers can apply filters to choose their preferred brands and see promotions specific to them. The app connects your supermarket with customers and allows you to increase your earnings by delivering grocery products to the customers’ doorstep.


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